About us

SunLender Overview

SunLender and its affiliated companies have been providing credit underwriting. loan/lease origination and servicing since 1973.  We are one of the few solar finance companies with a long history of providing financing to homeowners and Contractors/Installers. This strong foundation of stability and expertise is an added layer of comfort for our customers and partners.

This depth and breadth of experience translates into being able to offer our customers a less-burdensome paperwork and document process, a more generous range of credit approvals, and lower rates.

Additionally, SunLender is privately held, so we aren’t subject to the whims of stockholders or the fluctuations of the stock market. This allows us to be focused on providing the best service possible. We are able to offer and rapidly implement unique programs and services that other publicly held finance companies can’t or won’t offer.

From a personal concierge service to unique financing programs offered in most states, SunLender provides a spectrum of services that are unequalled.