Q       How do SunLender and their affiliate companies compare with other finance companies?

A        SunLender offers products and service that other finance companies simply don’t offer. From a personal Concierge Service to unique/specialized financial products, SunLender’s spectrum of products and services is unequalled.

Q       How does SunLender’s and their affiliate companies’ experience providing solar, energy-efficient and building products to homeowners compare with their competition?

A        Most competitors have been in business for less than 7 years. SunLender and their affiliates are full-service professional financial service providers that have been servicing homeowners and the building trades since 1973.

Q       What makes SunLender’s Concierge Service a difference maker?

A        SunLender is the only financial services company to provide a personal Concierge for each of its customers. Most of the competition provides nameless representatives at call centers, who have no direct, intimate knowledge of you or your system. It’s the difference between having a culture of personal service and simply having an anonymous person in case of emergency.

Q       Does SunLender force specific systems on homeowners?

A        SunLender offers financing for a wide range of domestic and imported systems. You are not located into limited offerings.

Q       Many finance companies require homeowners to have internet service for system monitoring. Does SunLender?

A        No. Internet service is not required with SunLender financing. If a homeowner is considering a finance company that requires internet services for system monitoring, they are considering a company offering yesterday’s technology.

Q       Does SunLender provide inverter replacement?

A        Yes. SunLender is the only finance company that includes inverter replacement. This is important, as inverters typically have only an 8-12 year service life.

Q       What are the benefits of a lease?

A        With the SunLender Lease there is no down payment and the lease and system are is Professionally Managed. The Lease provides predictable monthly payments, includes scheduled maintenance, and features a system monitoring program that identifies underperforming systems and addresses them immediately.

Q       What are the benefits of a loan?

A        The SunLender Loan is a no-down payment agreement that provides the qualified homeowner with immediate ownership and the benefits of filing for a 30% federal tax credit.

Q       What if the Homeowner sells or transfers ownership of their home?

A        The SunLender Concierge is available to assist the Homeowner, their Realtor or representative in determining the best options for them and the future homeowner. Whether considering a SunLender Lease or SunLender Loan, the SunLender Concierge is at their service.

Q       What happens at the end of the lease?

A        There are several options.

1.Buy the system

2.Extend the lease

3.Request that the system be removed.

Q       Does SunLender offer Energy Efficiency Loans?

A        Yes. SunLender and their affiliates have offered homeowner loans for Energy Efficiency, as well as for home improvements since 1973.

Q       How many states is SunLender servicing?

A        SunLender is in more states than any of its competition. New states are coming onboard every day. Please inquire for the most current details.