Environmentally Conscious Investing with Great Returns

Residential solar and energy management financing is a fast growing asset class with attractive yields and low default rates. In key solar markets, greater than 80% of solar installations are financed either through third-party ownership or traditional financing.

We provide access to participate in the rapidly growing solar project development market.

Fund Participation Options – Equity, Debt and Tax Equity.

Solar financing options are widely available and have become the leading driver of the U.S. distributed solar PV market. These solar financing options, including third party financed residential installations, comprise greater than 50% of new capacity.  The annual funding from investors in leased residential solar installations is expected to grow from about $1.3 billion in 2012 to about $5.7 billion by 2016.[1]

Participating in the SunLender program allows:

Low Cost Customer Acquisition

Our network of Installers have a proven and demonstrable track record covering: reputable selling to homeowners through their own sales teams, quality installations, high levels of customer service and long term financial sustainability.

Quality Control

We only use the best equipment and Installers.  Controlling the supply of all components ensures that investors minimize product quality risk and promote uniformity across our portfolio – a key to keeping system disruptions to the lowest levels thereby increasing homeowner satisfaction.

Sponsors’ Track Record

We have a track record in solar financing and third-party ownership segment. We have refined lease origination, recruiting and training, and controlling system product quality.  The processes of quoting, finance pricing, and system design have been automated using the proprietary SunLender™ portal to quote and finance solar systems.

Homeowner Credit Quality

Our customers are intelligent and have good credit.  The average credit score across historical origination has been greater than 750 FICO. The historical credit defaults within solar PV financing have been around 0.20%, suggesting one of the safest consumer asset classes to finance.

[1] Source: Navigant Consulting and GTM Research