Is it time to go solar? America thinks so

U.S. solar power demand increased by 17 percent in 2015, with rooftop power installations leading the way.

Solar power developers reported that solar installations surpassed natural gas for the first time, adding a record 7.3 gigawatts of capacity in America last year, a gain of 17 percent from 2014.

Residential installations, the fastest-growing segment, accounted for 29 percent of all photovoltaic systems and increased by climbed 66 percent, according to a report from GTM Research and the Washington-based Solar Energy Industries Association. California, North Carolina and Nevada remained the top three solar states. Utah jumped from 23rd to 7th, while New Jersey slipped to 10th from sixth.

The increased installations are clear indications of the growing demand for clean energy sources as the U.S. and other nations seek to curb greenhouse gas emissions, as well as falling prices that make solar power more competitive with gas.

Total U.S. solar installations now exceed 25 gigawatts, equal to about one-quarter of the nation’s nuclear fleet, and up from just 2 gigawatts five years ago.

And the future looks brighter for years to come. Fueling increased demand for the next few years will include the recent extension of tax credits for solar energy.

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