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SunLender Residential Solar Lease

For homeowners that are looking for a worry free, professionally managed solar solution, with predictable monthly payments, leasing may be the best choice.

No Down Payment

No out of pocket expenses are required for SunLender leases.

Guaranteed Performance

System production performance is monitored on a daily basis and any underperformance issues are addressed immediately.

Low Predictable  Payments

The SunLender lease offers low predictable payments for a 20-year term.

Lower Monthly Payments

By including an escalator that gradually increases the monthly payment, as utility rates increase over time, homeowners can get extremely low rates now and pay less than they would have otherwise through a utility. Programs are designed so that monthly payment rates will be lower than utility rates.

Anxiety Free

Solar PV systems are very reliable, but a SunLender Lease also provides the added assurance that if any problem with the system should arise, someone else (SunLender) is taking care of it.

No Tax Filing Hassles

SunLender handles the paperwork for all tax credits, rebates or other incentives and passes the savings to the homeowner by offering lower rates.

Dealer Buy Down Options

When a competitive circumstance is encountered, Installers have the opportunity to buy down interest rates or length of term for customers in order to close the deal.

Early Payments or Pay-off

Homeowners can choose to make an early payment or pay-off without fear of incurring an additional fee. This guarantee is included with all SunLender financing programs.

Immediately save on Utility Costs

Upon interconnection, Homeowners have an opportunity to save on their utility bill for the lifetime of their system. The savings start immediately.


SunLender has a wide variety of American-made or Imported Equipment  included on their AVL (Approved Vendor List) Upon request we will vet vendors not currently included.

 End of Lease

At the end of the lease agreement, the Homeowner can continue the lease, choose to buy it at a discounted fair-market value, or ask to have it removed at no cost.

Transfer of ownership

Transfer of ownership is made easy. If the Homeowner is selling their home, the system, can be transferred to the new owner, or the Homeowner can pay the agreement off with no penalty, and then sell their property with the added value of a solar system