Solar Pros

The SunLender Difference

Customers want uncomplicated financing programs that allow them the “freedom to choose” what is best for them. SunLender offers your customers multiple options, in a simple presentation, that gives them the opportunity to select the solution that fits their unique situation.

With 42 years of experience originating and servicing loans and leases, SunLender is uniquely qualified to provide the best service in the industry both before and after the sale. Our expertise combined with our innovative programs is a difference maker.

Freedom to Choose

SunLender offers homeowners multiple financing options with only one credit underwriting. This includes Leases, Loans and Energy Efficiency financing.

Unlimited line of credit for Equipment Purchase

With an unlimited line of credit for equipment purchases, Installers can grow without cash constraints.

Concierge Service

We assign two concierges that serve as primary and secondary named contacts that actually launch their service before the deal closes to ensure that the customer has a comfortable understanding of the process. Their service continues after interconnection.

System Monitoring for the Life of the Agreement

SunLender monitors the system’s performance on a daily basis for the lifetime of the loan or lease agreement.

Network of Installers

Although the system is virtually maintenance free and it has a 100% warranty, SunLender provides an extra layer of assurance through their Network of Licensed Installers that are available if an unlikely interruption in performance should occur.

Inverter Replacement/Scheduled Maintenance

It is likely in the lifetime of the system (typically in year 8-12) the Inverter will need to be replaced. SunLender provides this replacement as part of their scheduled maintenance program at no additional cost.

Largest National Coverage

We offer loans, leases and energy efficiency financing in more states than any of our competitors. New states are coming on daily, so please check with us.

Fast and Easy Paperwork

Proposals and documents are prepared in minutes. Docusign is utilized to help make the paperwork fast, easy and accurate.

Fast Start Training

New Installers are onboarded quickly with SunLender’s FAST-START TRAINING PROGRAM that includes Proposal Creation, Customer Presentation, Document Signing and Portal Navigation

Enhance Your Cash Flow and Maximize Your Profit

We pay fast

SunLender pays Installers faster than any third-party financier in the industry.

Interim Job/Construction Financing

For many Installers, the biggest roadblock to growth is lack of cash. SunLender provides Installers Cash Flow during the construction phase, that allows Installers to keep selling ( and growing) prior to interconnection.


Our point-of-sale tool puts everything into the hands of your sales team to close more deals.  Generate a proposal, run your customers credit and get an immediate credit decision and produce all the financing documents required to close your deal with your customer. Our SunLender portal provides the ability to manage the entire solar sales process–from proposal to system design to financing–within our automated and streamlined software that provides multiple forms of financing using the same underwriting process.

Co-branded  and Private Label Programs

We stand behind you to provide the right financing to your customers. Our co-branded and private label finance products, allow solar professionals to brand financing and proposals as their own to develop their own brands and local businesses.

No Internet Connection Required

Many Solar providers require an internet connection in order to monitor the production of the system. SunLender provides lifetime monitoring of the system without the burden to the Homeowner of having to maintain an internet connection.

Immediate Credit Decisions

Using the SunLender portal conditional credit decisions are instantaneous.

Second Look Program

Only SunLender provides a second manual look for all initial credit denials. Many Solar providers only look at the homeowners FICO score. While this is an important element of the underwriting process it is only one element at SunLender.

Proposals and Documents

SunLender’s customer presentation proposals and required documents are easy to understand and help customers understand the benefit of going solar.

Partner Recognition

SunLender encourages Installers to grow fast by offering sales incentive and  loyalty programs that reward you for keeping the pipeline full and your sales teams closing.

SunLender Customer Referral Program

Any Customer that refers a new SunLender Customer will receive a referral bonus when the new Customer interconnects. This helps you grow your business.